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  • Each campus has a Student Representative Council (SRC).
  • The SRC is elected by the students of the specific campus to represent them on various platforms.
  • Each campus has a maximum of 7 members.
  • Elections take place once a year.
  • The Student Support Officer facilitates the election process.
  • ISRC consists of 2 SRC members of each campus.
  • ISRC represents the student body on key decision-making committees such as the College Council, Academic Board and the Financial Aid Committee.
BonganiMototoDeputy President
LeratoPhoofoloSecretary General
KamogeloSeekoeiDeputy Secretary
GraceNhlapoAcademic and Transformation Officer
MolwantwaRooskransHealth, Sports, Arts, Culture and Entertainment
Katlego MakokoStudent Residence, Health, Gender and Public Relations Officer
LebogangPitsoTreasurer General